McDonald’s Survey Questions

We all love McDonald’s and enjoy our meals there. McDonald’s is among some of the most popular restaurants in the world. To increase this growth and their business McDonald’s has started the McD voice survey through which they want to know what the customers think about McDonald’s.

Mcdvoice Survey

The survey questionnaire is designed in such a way so that McDonald’s will get a clear idea about public views, opinions, and feedback. The survey asks various questions about different aspects of restaurants like food quality, service, hygiene, and overall customer experience.

Here is the list of questions that are asked in the McDonald’s and McDVoice survey.


  1. Does McDonald’s come to your mind when you think about a great meal?
  2. What are your go-to options for fast food that you visit most frequently?
  3. According to you what is the best promotion policy for McDonald’s in order to increase the profit?
  4. What is the time of the day you think you prefer McDonald’s?
  5. What kind of McDonald’s promotional advertisement speaks to you the most?
  6. Are you influenced by McDonald’s advertisements?
  7. Are you attracted by the offers like 1.50 for a sundae with one set McValue purchase?
  8. What do you find the most convenient facility at McDonald’s?
  9. How much do you spend at McDonald’s often?
  10. What aspect of McDonald’s attracts you the most?
  11. What do you think is your evaluation for McDonald’s?
  12. Do you think that services like drinks refill, drive-thru, and delivery are advantages of McDonald’s?
  13. How would you like to rate your satisfaction level based on your last visit to McDonald’s?
  14. How much would you rate the statements mentioned below?
  15. According to you what are the most important factors while you are visiting McDonald’s? Select all.
  16. What gender are you?
  17. What is your age?
  18. What is your monthly income?
  19. What is your occupation?